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Our Program Areas

These areas of programming are where we aim to invest our resources for the most impact. These are aligned with our foundation's vision and aimed at empowering leaders and cultivating innovative solutions, while treating root causes for deep and permanent change.

EI DR Congo Grad Leader.jpg

Equipping Leaders

Visionary, local leadership is the difference-maker between a temporary program and an innovative movement that grows to impact many. We seek to invest in programming that identifies and equips transformational leaders who are best positioned to solve complex challenges in their own communities.

Photo courtesy of our partner, Exile International.

Empowering Youth & Children

Creating meaningful and permanent change requires that every new generation have more opportunity than the last. We seek to invest in programming that recognizes the importance of developmental years in building up the young people that will shape the future.

Photo courtesy of our partner, Ubuntu Life Foundation.


Developing Economic Opportunities

Financial stability frees individuals and families to look beyond immediate needs and dream about the future of their lives and communities. We seek to invest in programming that creates economic opportunity beyond what’s possible through handouts and short-term relief.

Photo courtesy of our partner, Seed Effect.

Does this sound like your work?

If these areas describe your work, check our grant seekers page to learn more about whether your organization is a fit and how you can submit a letter of inquiry.

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